Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winter Break + Dadaogong Temple (Pt. 2).

Yamcha! Me and my second cousin Chloe. She's currently studying college in Australia. *O*/

My mom and Chloe's little bro, A-Hyak.

My daaad.

Auntie A-Xing.

We were invited for a seaside picnic by my uncle, who'd heard that I was bored! *sniff* TTvTT/// This is my mom, Uncle's grandson and daughter.

Mom and Uncle. 8 )

These are from our second visit to the Dadaogong Temple. *v*/// This is the mini-temple halfway up the stairs leading to that huge statue of Dadaogong.

After climbing all those stairs with my mom!

This statue of Dadaogong, a great Chinese physician, is huuuge. ODO

On the way back down.

Behind the Temple.

The temple museum.

Till our next visit then...


Tiffy said...

You little brat! Hahahaha! I love your hair now! :> It suits you! Uncle's looking old :c

mushroomtale said...

What? What makes me a little brat!? XDDD I'm going to try growing my hair again... And, ack, Uncle *is* old! He's almost 60! And, he's the worker type so... but he's still the most perfect guy I've ever met! Mwahaha!