Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guanyin Mountain + Guanyin Temple + Tudigong Temple.

By the seaside at Guanyin Mountain, a tourist hotspot during the right season. It was almost deserted when Uncle took us there, though.

Sand sculptures with themes from the Beijing Olympics.

Uncle also drove us to the Guanyin Temple.

A map of Buddhist deities.

Lastly, Uncle also took us to the Tudigong Temple. *x*///

Tudigong, the god of wealth.

Wen Caishen.

Wu Caishen.


In the end, I ran back to get a fortune stick. *x*/// The Qian that I got to pick was this story...


Tiffy said...

Those are awesome sandthings!!!! :>

mushroomtale said...

They only hold up thanks to some sort of glue, actually... but, yes, they are awesome! ; O