Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lingyin Temple (Pt. 2).

More photos from that trip.

Yuxi and Lai Chenlin.


In the temple museum, where taking photos wasn't allowed...

So that's all I was able to. *___*

A Japanese monk. His statue was erected to symbolize goodwill between the Chinese and the Japanese peoples. But, uhmm... the "Japanese" in "Chinese-Japanese friendship ties" engraved on the plaque is crossed out... XB


Gah, that day was the first day in a long time it didn't rain, so a lot of people went downtown -- it took us three hours to get back to our dorms because of the traffic! I don't regret it, though, if only for the peace of mind visiting temples brings.


Tiffy said...

Btw, who gave you the flower in the other entry????

mushroomtale said...

Yung guy, hehe. Super tagal na 'to.

Okay na kami ngayon. Kinausap ko na kasi siya tungkol dun sa biatch... Cleared up na. Pumunta kami sa con nung isang araw tapos kumalas kami sa grupo so we ended up walking around the whole day, kaming dalawa lang. Awkwardness gone! Well, almost. It's a long story.

Hay. I wish you were here too! I'm losing myself here, seriously. Wala kasi maka-relate sa akin, so wala akong makausap... Alam mo I woke up to a dream about you calling me over the phone when we were on our ten-day field trip? I was having a fever and also having drama llama trouble with friends at that time. Simple lang, it went like this...

You (phone): Lyns?
Me: *surprised* ... Tif!?

I thought, db nasa Jap ka? Wow! Tapos dead silence -- kala ko naputol ung line... and then...

You: Rinig mo ba?
Me: *surprised again* Oo! Ikaw? Rinig ba?

Dead silence ulit... tapos nagising na ako. Ayayay. It was reallyl, really nice to hear your voice though. : )

Tiffy said...

What??? So kayo na ng guy??? :D:D

I'm losing myself here too. I think that happens in a different place where you have to take root once again. Ugh.

Pero slowly nawawala na yung feeling na parang I'm on my own.

What??? That's so sweet :> Teeheeheee... Let's talk one time pag hindi na busy! Pag may boyfriend ka na, sabihan mo ako ah!

mushroomtale said...

Ah, nope, di kami. Haha. Di naman kasi sinadya na kumalas, naiwanan lang kami kaya walang choice. Torpe. Or intimidating ako sobra. Or both?

Oo nga, at that time I was losing my identity na talaga, actually. Kasi alam mo, bagong place, bagong friends... Di ganoon ka-deep ung trust, so parang kailangan magsuot ng maskara para ma-accept ka... Tapos sobrang daming layers ng maskara, halos nakalimutan ko na kung sino ako talaga. Wow, ang lalim! Pero it's true. It was a good timing, that dream. For some reason hearing your bright voice reminded me of who I was!

Buti naman okay ka lang d'yan!

Onga! Sige ba... Haha. Feel ko matagal pa. XD