Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Color Theory Class.

A.k.a. the OH-GOD-SAVE-US class. This is our teacher, Wang Xiaoming, telling us how our homework sucks. OH GOD. He's a nice guy, though. This class is just tuff, is all.

Let me expound, using my own homework. "Your fish look too realistic."

"This is passable."

"The tree looks awkward." Okay, I admit it. It does look strange.

"The red could be a little darker."

Hanging at my classmates' dorm after homework check-up.

Pretty ladiiiees.

Have I mentioned that I ended up spending three nights in one week with these two gentlemen just doing homework in our cold, cold classroom? I guess I was really kind of bored.

Anyway, two said gentlemen are Liu Fengyuan... 

... and Wu Chenyang. 

They look sooo tired. XD

The truth is, I wasn't planning to pull all-nighters at all, but the first one got me started. How? I left the classroom too late and realized that the gates were locked. OTL I didn't want to jump them gates... 

I got a flower the following morning, however spontaneously. That was sweet though.


That night, Liu Fengyuan was playing with calligraphy ink.


Day 3.


We did steal a few winks of sleep every now and then.

5:30 AM -- off for breakfast at Shaxian, before heading back to our dorms to catch some zzz's before morning class! Que Yifeng, Liu Fengyuan -- wondering what the hell I was doing lagging behind XD-- and Wu Chenyang.

Day 4... ?

Aww, such a short lifespan. 8 (

Four weeks of mental torture had come and gone. Grading nao.

My column. I was the first to put up their homework, just cos I wanted to get that over with.

Whuuut. I'm sorryyy.

I did help out a handful of classmates put up their works that day, and ended up spending the whooole day in the classroom.

Chen Wennn.

Zhang Xiaolong, he whose height -- or lack thereof -- gets in the way! XD

Color class, still life version. Gah.


Oh yeah.

More tug-of-war!

Our class just kept PWNing all. XO

The talk that I didn't end up attending. Short attention span.

At Wang Laoshi's kewl office, gaping at the awesome homework that was not made by us.

Mm-hmm. 8 )


Tiffy said...


You're the only person who gets how my mind works. Teeheehee. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!

You're so awesome! :9 I love your works.

mushroomtale said...

I MISS YOU TOOOO, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! Thanks for always appreciating my works, even when *I* don't! TT___________TT And vice versa, for that matter, hahaha! My BFF is awesome, hahaha!!!

BTW, Tif, the China Net Nanny has blocked Plurk. Sooo I've fled back to Twitter. Just saying... TTATT;;;

Tiffy said...

Oh yeaaaaah. I read about that! I'll keep that in mind :c