Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winter Break + Back to School + Lingyin Temple (Pt. 1).

Lunch out with Uncle! This is he and his grandson. 

Outside the restaurant.

That day was also Chloe's birthday. We went KTV-ing that night. Whoo!

Now, back at school! Homewaaark. Aaall. Rejeeecteeed. In the end. =^=;;;

In class...

Ah, photos from the freshmen tug-of-war game, which my class topped, BTW! Ran down the rest of the 36 classes without a hitch, yup yup! ; O These are my classmates doing their thing during the first few rounds.

From when I visited the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou with three batchmates.

The stone bed on which Qigong, a Buddhist deity, apparently once slept. It is said that if you run your hand all along the edge of it, you'll have good luck!

A classmate's friend. I never got to know her name! =x=;

Yuxi, a classmate, bending over to get back to the outside. D8

Lai Chenlin, from Cartoon and Animation Class 2. (I'm from Class  1, FYI.)

Till the next *coughfloodishcough* post!

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