Friday, March 27, 2009

Dadaogong Temple.

Photos taken at the Dadaogong Temple from last winter vacation!

My dad. 8D

My mom and Uncle.

Along these steps are statues of many of the famous Chinese physicians throughout history.

My mom.

Looking like a dork, as usual. I actually climbed up all those stairs the second time we visited! Photos in a later entry.

In our new home in Xiamen.

I was bored. 8 )

Friday, March 13, 2009

Christmas Dinners + School Fair '09.

This is a really, really outdated post, but for the sake of sobriety... ; )

From last year's Christmas dinner for international students...

... and, dinner again, with classmates. Of course, the latter was a lot more fun. I love my class!

We get these quite often here. And, I get the urge to take photos every time.

Taken of the school fair earlier this year. For the record, I didn't take photos of everything... =v=|||

Illustration and Manga...

Product design, I believe...


Urr... miscellaneous! *shot shot shot*

Animation. 8 ) Can't see them clearly but this was how they were exhibited.

Character design...

More photography...

You guys can figure the rest out on your own!

Oh, one last mention, this was the booth of Dongmanyou, our school's animangaming magazine... that I'm now the vice president of. *A*///

Studying for our anatomy exams! Waaah!

See you guys at the next post! *O*///