Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Color Theory Class.

A.k.a. the OH-GOD-SAVE-US class. This is our teacher, Wang Xiaoming, telling us how our homework sucks. OH GOD. He's a nice guy, though. This class is just tuff, is all.

Let me expound, using my own homework. "Your fish look too realistic."

"This is passable."

"The tree looks awkward." Okay, I admit it. It does look strange.

"The red could be a little darker."

Hanging at my classmates' dorm after homework check-up.

Pretty ladiiiees.

Have I mentioned that I ended up spending three nights in one week with these two gentlemen just doing homework in our cold, cold classroom? I guess I was really kind of bored.

Anyway, two said gentlemen are Liu Fengyuan... 

... and Wu Chenyang. 

They look sooo tired. XD

The truth is, I wasn't planning to pull all-nighters at all, but the first one got me started. How? I left the classroom too late and realized that the gates were locked. OTL I didn't want to jump them gates... 

I got a flower the following morning, however spontaneously. That was sweet though.


That night, Liu Fengyuan was playing with calligraphy ink.


Day 3.


We did steal a few winks of sleep every now and then.

5:30 AM -- off for breakfast at Shaxian, before heading back to our dorms to catch some zzz's before morning class! Que Yifeng, Liu Fengyuan -- wondering what the hell I was doing lagging behind XD-- and Wu Chenyang.

Day 4... ?

Aww, such a short lifespan. 8 (

Four weeks of mental torture had come and gone. Grading nao.

My column. I was the first to put up their homework, just cos I wanted to get that over with.

Whuuut. I'm sorryyy.

I did help out a handful of classmates put up their works that day, and ended up spending the whooole day in the classroom.

Chen Wennn.

Zhang Xiaolong, he whose height -- or lack thereof -- gets in the way! XD

Color class, still life version. Gah.


Oh yeah.

More tug-of-war!

Our class just kept PWNing all. XO

The talk that I didn't end up attending. Short attention span.

At Wang Laoshi's kewl office, gaping at the awesome homework that was not made by us.

Mm-hmm. 8 )